ArtSmart graphic novel – quel projet amusant

After a whirlwind 2017-18 school year doing WiSP visits all over New Brunswick – more than 20 by the summer – I was eager to take on some longer projects based on my book. So when I was invited to partner with a grade 4-5 class at a local school this fall to create a graphic novel inspired by ‘Kit and the Calico Cat’, of course the answer was Yes – or should I say Oui, since the ArtSmart funding was for a francophone project.

Is teaching in french a challenge? It can be, since I’m not fully bi-lingual, but my french teachers laid a solid foundation and Mme Kennedy is on hand to help out with any gaps in vocabulary.

Are we having fun? Absolutely! I’m loving this creative partnership, as we learn together and develop our story writing and art skills.

Our goal is to complete and publish this collaborative project by Christmas. Watch out for updates!