Kit, the main character in ‘Kit and the Calico Cat’, is artistic, and she mentions some of her art projects in the story. So author Brigitte Marsden decided it would be fun to have a young artist create illustrations to appear with the text.

Brigitte could think of nobody better suited to the project than her art student Haylee Boone.

“Haylee is talented, for sure,” she said. “But she is also hard-working, and has a great attitude. She really came through, and her illustrations are perfect for the story.”

Haylee was 11 years old when she started working on the illustrations with Brigitte, and she completed them in June 2017 at age 12 (when she also received grade six student of the year award at Hartland Community School).

Haylee’s illustrations are all her own work. Two of them were displayed at a book cover design show hosted by the Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery in July and August 2017.

“Hi, my name is Haylee Boone and I am 12 years old. I love experimenting with lots of art media and have been doing so since the age of six. My favorite media to work with are watercolor and watercolor pencil crayon. Brigitte Marsden has coached me in art since 2016.

I also dedicate lots of time to gymnastics. I have participated in gymnastics for several years and my passion inspired me to purchase my own trampoline to practice on. I love spending time with my family. I go fishing with my father in his bass boat, and scrapbook many memories with my mother. We also go on lots of family adventures together.

In 2015, I saved 300$ to buy myself a Kitchen Aid (a big mixer), which shows how much I love to bake. I love experimenting with my recipes and decorating cakes. My favorite thing to bake is Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies.

My hope for the future is to continue with my art but, along with it, I want to be an ultrasound technician. I will always continue creating my own masterpieces.”