Brigitte Marsden is a writer, artist and educator. Her first book, children's novel ‘Kit and the Calico Cat’, has been described by one young reader as “a page turner.” Another said, “It made me feel like I was right there beside Kit.” This adventure story is a uniquely collaborative project: Brigitte created the cover art for the book, and one of her art students provided the illustrations.

Her first solo art show, ‘Introspection: a reflective looking inward. Self-portraits by Brigitte Marsden’, a series of pieces created following a bereavement, explored the therapeutic benefits of art.

Brigitte lives in New Brunswick, Canada. She is currently working on writing and other creative projects (including a sequel to Kit and the Calico Cat). When she isn’t doing that, you’ll probably find her teaching yoga or walking her dog.

Brigitte Marsden is the pen name of Brigitte Rivers.

Brigitte Marsden, author & artist

My first book, Kit and the Calico Cat, was published July 2017 by Chapel Street Kids, an imprint of Chapel Street Editions.
Brigitte Marsden, author & artist
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Brigitte Marsden, author & artist
Brigitte Marsden, author & artist7 months ago
Welcome to March Open Mic Night via Zoom! Can you feel that special something in the air? Could it be, I dunno, something like...hope? Is it too much to believe we're about to step out of the madness?