Moving to a new country the other side of the Atlantic Ocean is like going on a really big adventure, right?  That’s what ten year old Kit Carmichael thinks when her parents first tell her their family is going to move to Canada. At first it’s fun to explore her new surroundings, make new friends and be the fun new kid in school. And climb trees, of course. But the excitement soon wears off when Kit gets on the wrong side of the school bully.

Then, when she thinks things can’t get any worse, they do. Alone and discouraged, Kit takes refuge in the woods near her new home. There she meets a mysterious cat, tries to gain its trust and discovers a secret.

Before long, Kit’s new friendship leads her into danger. When she finds herself in the most terrifying situation she has ever faced, how far she will she go to protect her new friend?

Will anyone come to her rescue?

Does anyone even know she’s in danger?

Listen to 'Kit and the Calico Cat' author Brigitte Marsden and illustrator Haylee Boone talk about their unique collaboration in a September 2017 CBC interview here.

Kit and the Calico Cat is available at locations across New Brunswick: contact Chapel Street Editions for current locations, and to inquire about bulk orders. It is also available in many countries on Amazon. ISBN 9781988299099